Laffly TOE

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 Na sprzedaż oferujemy zaprojektowany i wydrukowany w całości przez nasz zespół model Laffly TOE

Specyfika produktu:
- Żywica fotoutwardzalna
- rozmiar 82x33x43
- Wyprodukowany w Polsce
- model składa się z 5 elementów, figurka nie jest częścią zestawu


Laffly was a civilian truck manufacturer founded in 1912 at Billancourt near Paris. It was renown for its firetrucks and 4x4 vehicles both designed for civilian use and for the French Army, like the 4WD V15 artillery tractor and the S15 6WD. Both models were characterized by excellent off-road capabilities and specific trench-crossing features provided by extra rollers, uncommon for armoured cars in general at the time. By some aspects these vehicle recalled the german Krupp-Protze 6x6 light truck and their chassis proved equally versatile and reliable.

Laffly TOE was based on the same chassis, this vehicle was given fully armoured with 7 mm steel plates riveted on a central frame. The vehicle was characterized by the absence of central rollers due to their intended colonial theater of operation : TOE litteraly meant "Théatre d\'Operations Extérieur" or External Operation Theater. It was tested in 1934 in Africa, then ordered in 1936 and delivered in 1938-39. Both the driver and commander seated in the cab, could see through folding up armoured shutters and sight slits when closed.

Just behind was located the machine-gunner, which operated a Reibel 7.5 mm light machine gun protected inside an hemispheric turret or a simple open air mount that allowed anti-aircraft fire. Access was granted by lateral doors, and there was a small utility cargo bay at the rear, between the twin axle. Hinged observation ports were also located at the rear. 45 vehicles were provided by Laffly until 1939.

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